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Fuel Cell Monitor
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   We regard ourselves as service providers and not system providers. This means that we first study your application and then we provide the best value/price solution within your budget. Most of the instruments in this section are developed by us from scratch, in most cases using proprietary technology and/or patented solutions. But rest assured, if there is a better solution on the market we honestly will point to it. And try to make some money from this by increasing the value of the system of interest and providing turnkey solution. We are not bound with exclusive distribution contracts with any manufacturer and we will keep it this way.

    We specialize in the area of nanotechnology, mostly organic nanotechnology, with one exception. Think of it - there are only a bunch of inorganic and millions of organic molecules. Nature is always smarter; otherwise we would have been Robocops instead of fragile organic creatures with passionate hearts. We work with organized organic monolayers since 1987. We made one of the most accurate instruments for patch-clamp/whole cell research but canceled this field after the low-cost instrument invasion and after the death of Prof. D.Sc. Dessislava Duridanova (42) (her story) who was our fundamental research team leader in this field. Our most recent instrument is the Organic LED monitor.

    The exception mentioned above is in the area of Fuel Cell research. This is the future in renewable energy sources - you combine Hydrogen and Oxygen and at the exit receive water with huge current output. Based on our proven and tested digital receiver technology we have downsized our versatile bulky Frequency Response Analyzer to an almost pocket size all-in one Fuel Cell Monitor.

Our guarantee: All products we manufacture or distribute go with unconditional materials and labor 2 year guarantee. In the unlikely event of malfunction, that can not be repaired on site, the system manufacturer pays for courier transportation costs in both directions. In case you discuss with us your application we will guarantee also that our instruments are suitable for your needs. No one else on the market gives a stronger guarantee.

Frequency Response Analyzers / Fuel Cell Monitor
These instruments are used to measure the complex resistivity (impedance) of an object to a given sine wave stimulation calculating also the transfer function. Widely used in semiconductor physics (CV meters) these instruments are of far larger use recently: from materials research, to battery and FC testing, to aircraft wing testing, to power supply optimization, to missile autopilot alignment. Since we entered the market in 2002 we have a 100% market share in Bulgaria.
Atomic Force Microscopes
We searched for venture capital back in 1996 to start our own production but were not successful. Now the market has matured and we prefer selling solutions through various agreements with AFM and cantilever manufacturers.
LED Monitor
We combine Hamamatsu photodetectors and National Instruments Data Aquisition boards to achieve a versatile system for measuring light intensity and I-V curves of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).
Thin Film Systems
We started our business in 1994 by commercializing a Langmuir-Blodgett organized organic film deposition system originally developed for an Academy Institute. We made 4 generations of the equipment and were the only non Japanese company selling these systems in Japan. Seiko Instruments was our distributor in Japan. Surface pressure tensiometers and dip-coaters are part of the product line. Recently we became Kibron (Finland) distributor for Bulgaria.
Automation Project
We combine our system engineering skills with the experience of one the best experimental physicist in Bulgaria to automate an existing scientific measurement equipment.