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Fuel Cell Monitor 5000

FC Monitor 5000 on the furnace of Prof. Kojuharovs lab LAMAR.

We introduce our new line of instruments Frequency Response Analyzers, and especially our middle class model FRA30. The FRA30 is a high performance digital signal and frequency response analyzer based on the advanced digital receiver technology. It has 2 independent input channels, achieving measuring frequency band from 0.001 Hz to 30MHz and dynamic range of more than 100dB by using a fast, high resolution, digitally isolated analog to digital converters and high speed digital receiver based signal processing. The real time measurement band of 50 kHz is also available. The minimum sensitivity is 10 V.


  • Two independent identical input channels;
  • Wide dynamic range: more than 100dB due to high level of over sampling, advanced ADC and digital receiver technique implementation sensitivity of 10 μV;
  • Dual input design: 0.001 Hz 20 kHz and 10 kHz 30 MHz for optimizing the signal conditioning;
  • High measurements accuracy and noise rejection due to advanced high speed digital isolation technique;
  • Wide measurement bandwidth 0.001 Hz to 30MHz due to high speed sampling frequency;
  • Up to 10000 times decimation capability thus drastically improving the minimum signal to noise at which the instrument can take reliable measurements;
  • Flexible matching of measurement bandwidth ensured by implementing the state of the art digital receiver technology;
  • Differential inputs with 100V withstanding voltage, optically isolated after the ADC;
  • The sine source signal is floating, isolated (before DACs) outputs;
  • DC bias of 15V in steps of 0.5 mV;
  • Easy to learn and use single screen control software with real time display of the frequency or time domain, the ratio of the amplitudes and the phase shifts;
  • Output of the data in a format suitable for subsequent analysis with standards Windows programs like Matlab, Z-view, etc.;
  • Parallel port interfacing with PC;
  • Options: DC rejection through AC coupling for work above 0.1 Hz. High impedance 10GΩ preamplifier for work with high-resistance samples.

Examples of applications

  • Network Transfer Function;

  • Impedance measurements;
  • Digital oscilloscope;
  • Spectrum analyzer;

  • High accuracy sinusoidal source.



  • Number of input channels: 2 wide bandwidth 1mHz - 30 MHz;
  • Input voltage range: +24 to -76 dB Vrms in 6dB step, 10 μV sensitivity.
  • Input Impedance - 50Ω/30 pF; 10GW /30 pF with external amplifier.

Analog to Digital Conversion

  • Bit Resolution - 14 bit (over 16 bit ensured by high over sampling rate and consequent decimation);
  • Sampling Clock 80MHz;

Digital Filtering

  • Signal frequency to DC conversion via digital receiver I&Q mixer;
  • Max Error of I&Q matching 1/232;
  • Level of Decimation adjustable via program up to 10000;
  • Digital Filter Order adjustable via program up to 160;


  • Frequency Bandwidth 1 mHz - 30 MHz in bands adjustable via program;
  • Frequency Accuracy 1/232 -
  • Worst Harmonic - 85 dBc@30MHz;
  • Real time mode bandwidth 50 kHz;


  • Frequency Bandwidth 1mHz-30 MHz Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) source;
  • Frequency Resolution 32bit;
  • Frequency Accuracy 32bit ;
  • Dynamic Range 80dB;
  • Worst Harmonic - 85 dBc@30MHz;
  • Maximal output amplitude > 5V/50Ω; 15V/50W with external amplifier.