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Peaks in the 4500 - 4600 range behind

On the way to some of the highest peaks in Alps

In July 2017 I am on my way to some of the highest peaks in the Alps in the Monte Rosa region. In fact the 2nd and 3rd highest peaks in Alps are on the left.

NanoInstruments team: the project for 5th generation LB nano thin film deposition system.

Nano-SF-30-11-2015-rector Here is a presentation about nanotechnogies and their application in University of Atchitecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy where my University Lab of NanoScience and NanoTecnology (NanoLab) – the best organic nanotechnolgy Lab in Bulgaria is situated. The NanoLab has excellent sitaution in the center of Sofia, it is placed on the ground floor to minimize vibrations, it climatized and excellent renovation was performed recently. Many of the instruments in the Lab are built by my company Advanced Technolgies Ltd. and have some significant advantages over the competition. For example our second generation patch-clamp amplifier is the lowest noise in the world according to Prof. D.Sc. D. Duridanova who compared it to the American and German competitors. Some of them best in the world, sold to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institutes and now given back to me for work. The funding of science in Bulgaria is beyond any crytics, especially by the last government. Though one of the ex deputy-ministers responsible for science, a person with whom we desighned the first generation of LB film system back in 1988-1990, is now a cofounder and co-CEO of my new company NanoBioSense Ltd. in which I have 70%.

This is a part of the Eleven stsrt-up accelerator proposal, which unfortunately closed yesterday at 23:00 and not 24:00 and I could not finalize the submission. Which may be good because we were not optimally prepared in view of the 150 000 euro project for Inovative start-up companies funded from Competitiveness EU for Bulgaria program with deadline 5 may.

The core of the application is a 2 min video which whatever I did to shorten it is still 2:11 min. Obviously we will take the video again becuase the UACEG university net has fallen. It uses proxy so going to the MTel internet was not an option because yesterday we isntalled Skype on my new Win 8.1 computer which mandatory requires password input. Anyhow, the computer we prepared for shooting the video could not be used so we struggled a lot and at the end there was time for just 1 take. Next time it will be much better I am sure. And we will be better prepared for the next application window.

So here is the video:  Please comment and make suggestions.

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